Imagine the world with diverse people respecting one another as each individual respects him/her self. Visualize the news reporting stories of creativity, new invention and compassion. Picture the hope to place your energy into manifesting dreams instead of fighting for basic security.

What we feed grows. We can nourish education for the peace world described above or continue to provide schooling in survival struggles.

How we raise our children – How we think about ourselves and the world becomes the society that we create.

The World Foundation for Original Human Development (WFOHD, soon to get a new name LiTPEACE) focuses on the original humanness in each one of us – unbound by misunderstandings, disturbances and distortions. WFOHD/LiTPEACE invests in Peace Education – learning and growing into peace world citizens by drawing forth our natural inclinations to care for ourselves and others with dignity, respect and compassion.

Robert DeFrietas ● Scott Ellis ● Peter Gallhager
Nova Lorraine ● Don Emillio Martinez ● Susan Obrant

Our Team:

  • David Russo, President of board bio -Product Manager, Siemans Healthcare Diagnostics, graduated of Stern business School of New York University, Member of Engineers Without Borders
  • Robin Graham VP of board Peace Club founder and director bio -Management Professional for Non-Profits, CEO of Team Together, which organizes international youth soccer workshops and activities
  • Suna Senman - founder, treasurer of board and executive director, Early Childhood education director bio – Life Transformation Facilitator, author, writer and Huffington Post blogger, educator.
  • Cecilia Meija – The Youth Project Director - specialist in Nonprofit Organization Management for Impact leadership 21, Civilian Studios and Filipino American Legal Defense and Education Fund