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25-Apr-2014 REPORT: LiTPEACE Program in Finland
By Suna Senman

19-Mar-2014 Preschool Problems in an Adult World
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14-Mar-2014 One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters by Larry Dossey, MD
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11-Mar-2014 Unconscious Lessons Call for Mindful Education
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06-Feb-2014 Re-thinking Education: What Are We Teaching?
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20-Dec-2013 5 Tips to Turn Holiday Stress Into Peace and Joy
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27-Nov-2013 Valuable Life Lessons to Gain From Thanksgiving
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22-Sep-2013 Peace in Action, Part 2 — 'Feeding' Peace
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06-Mar-2010 Report
By Lynda Leonard | Representing WFOHD in Uganda

06-Mar-2010 The Journey of Life
By Karl Hosch | May of 2004 for my father as he passes from life.

13-Jan-2009 WFOHD sends engineer with water filtration systems, irrigation training and gifts of joy and hope.

09-Jan-2009 Now that the holidays are past and a New Year has begun, we offer you a meaningful holiday.

01-May-2009 Creating a Better World
As published in the May 2009 issue of Inside Chappaqua.

11-Apr-2009 Easter Message
The following message is from Dr. Nsereko, the founder and director of the Ugandan orphanage that the Teens for the Future are supporting through WFOHD. We were able to send another $1140 this Easter which they used $800 towards building the girls dormitory and the remainder to provide food for the 814 children to celebrate Easter. We thank all the supporters who are helping us with funds and hope to provide more good news from the orphans soon. Suna Senman-Lane, president WFOHD

11-Apr-2009 Greetings of Newness

05-Oct-2007 Teens for the Future article for New Castle now
Suna Senman-Lane | "A handful of energetic Chappaqua teens announced their presence and their cause at the Chappaqua Community Day Saturday, Sept 29. “Teens for the Future” is a group founded under The Youth Project (TYP) of the World Foundation for Original Human Development (WFOHD), a New York State certified not-for-profit educational organization."

30-Sep-2007 Teens for the Future sponsors a pediatric nurse, Rachel Friend
Teens for the Future is sponsoring a pediatric nurse, Rachel Friend, who needs $3500 to join a medical mission serving orphans in Uganda. We have a goal of paying for her expenses and sending a large care package of medical supplies, food and other needed items to Uganda.

25-Sep-2007 Teens for the Future make awareness of needs in Uganda
Julia Friedland | "Uganda is a country in South Africa where there is a war going on. It started as a feud over oil, but turned into a full scale battle. The adults are dead, lost or fighting. This leaves the children in a very bad position."

15-Sep-2007 Teens for the Future
Julia Friedland | "In this day, there are many tragic and tear-choking events happening both in our own community, and over seas. The War in Iraq, the Genocide in Darfur, and even smaller things may go unnoticed. These measures have caused many to feel compassionately, and some want to make a change. Who are these people? We are the “Teens For The Future”."

30-Apr-2007 Look into my Future
Caretta J. Haynes | Winner of Essay Contest 2007. "There are countless talk shows airing on TV daily and magazines with articles being put out but, only a few are expressing the issue of AIDS and ways to prevent it."

03-Apr-2007 A Neighborhood Drug Free
Julius Cockerham | Runner up for Essay Writing contest 2007. "When I walk out of my front door I hear birds singing. I see flowers blooming. I see Children playing. I also see “Drug Dealers” selling their product in my neighborhood."

16-Mar-2007 Growing up and getting older
Elisa Hack | "In every young person's life there comes a time when they grow up. It is inevitable to grow whether you want to or not. With time comes growth. A person's growth is affected by circumstances, environment and the other people that surround them."

16-Mar-2007 Bad News
Janet Stephens | "I listen to the thoughts in my head..."

16-Mar-2007 Time for Healthy Soup
Suna Senman-Lane | "On a rainy cold day of late October, we had our women's seminar in Chappaqua NY bundled in sweaters and coats. For lunch we had my healthy butternut squash soup. Several participants asked for the recipe and I shall now provide it for everyone."

11-Feb-2006 Faith and Existence
Suna Senman-Lane | "As we begin a new year with resolutions for new beginnings, let's reflect upon the deep beliefs that drive us in our lives. We need basic beliefs in order to make daily decisions. These beliefs are like postulates in math, undisputed assumptions that we rely on to be absolute, unchanging and eternal."