Gender Relations

Women's Seminar
Purpose: Understand the value of feminine aspects and engage the powerful qualities of feminine attributes in creating magnificent healthy relationships. View seminar details.

Men's Seminar
Purpose: Identify a man's role in healthy relationships with women. View seminar details.

Reap the Benefits
Join other groups and organizations who have offered the Gender Relations Seminar to enhance the relationships of their members. Contact us at to host a Gender Relations seminar in your organization.

Participating in the Men's Seminar made me much more aware of what being a man is about. We talked about things that I never thoughts of – things that I realize will be important to know as I become a more responsible adult. — Charles, High School Junior

The most rewarding seminar that I had the chance to attend was the WFOHD Women's Seminar which I attended together with my 27 year old daughter. The sharing by my daughter and I, as well as the other participants, was profoundly emotional and full of trust and support. I came with the hope that the content and the community of women would help me on my own course of healing, growth, and change. I have not been disappointed. — Dr Kathleen Burton, PhD - Professor of Yale University

I was very impressed with Suna's passion and dedication of bringing powerful and transformational messages to women. The very interactive sessions brought up an opportunity for the women to express themselves authentically and to release suppressed emotions in a safe and loving environment. Well Done! — Claudia Bayr, ACC Dreams into Action and Vice President of the International Coach Federation, NYC